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15 super chic coffee table decorating ideas for 2021


I understand. Sometimes you just want to post a really good flat lay of your coffee table to prove to yourself (and the internet) that you are * super good * at home decorating. Or maybe you just want a cool space to excessively watch Squid games. Whatever scenario you most relate to, I have a solution for you: this list of chic coffee table decorating ideas.

I am! Only! Saying! If you are looking for some pretty decorative items to enlarge that area between you and the TV, then you are in the land of plenty. Coming up, you’ll find decorative coffee table book suggestions and candle recipes that look as good as they smell. I’ve also included nifty ways to hide remotes and even add a bluetooth speaker. not a total horror (it exists!). Then go! If you’ve run out of ideas, scroll through the 15 below and get ready to transform your space.

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this rattan tray

Rectangular Wooden Tray with Net

The rattan interior design trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. And this chic tray is proof of that. Lay it on your coffee table or ottoman to hold your remote control (s) or use it as a base for more decor items.


this acrylic play set

Designer Luxe Acrylic Tic Tac Playset

Not only is it a great icebreaker when guests have passed by, but this luxurious playset is also just super pretty ??


this travel diary

St. Moritz Chic

Whether or not you flip through this coffee table book, you’ll love having it there. I mean, this book cover is so gorgeous.


this little basket

Natural seagrass storage basket

Another great place to store all your remotes! You know what? Also add a small plant or knickknacks to add decorative points.


this pretty candle

Rosebud Candle

Not your usual votive, this pewter candle with the minimalist label simply screams aesthetic. (Oh, and the floral scent isn’t too bad either.)


those cool matches

Decorative matches

You’re gonna need something to light this candle. Why not go with these decorative matches? They even come in a chic little jar.


this portable speaker

Emberton portable bluetooth speaker

She may be small, but she is powerful. This powerful speaker has a classic vintage look that will suit any decorating style.


these fringed coasters

Macrame coasters (set of 6)

Protect your coffee table with these two-tone macrame coasters that are simply gorgeous.


this ceramic mug

Kaya Striped Ceramic Mugs by Justina Blakeney â„¢

If you don’t like the look of your remote that sits pretty much willy-nilly, put it in this little ceramic mug, and There ! Decor.


this vintage-inspired glass

Corrugated glass

If you place glasses on the coffee table, they might as well look elegant, also no? Let’s not spoil the mood, okay.


this journal

B6 Raw Sketch Notepad – 5 “x 7”

Maybe you just want a few cool books on your coffee table, or maybe you need a place to jot down how the new one Gossip Girl the restart makes you feel. Whatever your motive, this journal will do.


this sculptural candle

Unique, wavy shaped candle

Your coffee table is a great stage for a sculptural candle. And this one inspired by the Roman pillar is So. Whore. Attractive.


this dried bouquet

The Sanibel

Either break off this dried bouquet for use in your home, or display it as a whole in all its glory.


this wooden serving board

Wooden cutting board

TBH, your charcuterie spread is a work of art and deserves to be presented on a beautiful serving board.


this unique vase

Blue Infinity Vase for Flowers

See. A pretty vase still so cool without flowers.


these aesthetic pearls

Farm Beads

Just throw this strand of decorative wooden beads in a tray or on books on your coffee table. Decor!

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