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4 French Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Can Easily Copy

There’s just something so inherently effortless about the Parisian aesthetic, from their minimalist-chic ensembles to how their homes always seem so perfectly inhabited. As for the latter, other Francophiles always browse their favorite French influencers and celebrities (see Jeanne Damas, Lou Doillon, Ines Melia, Violette and many others) to discover the secrets of their expertly organized spaces – which of course , include the quintessential French Girl Kitchen Decor.

Turns out there are some things that make French cuisines so – well, French. And according to experts, this is largely due to their size. Or rather, its absence. “French-style apartments have never been known to be large, so the fact that spaces can be so well designed and used goes a long way,” says Eleanor Trepte of Dekay and Tate Interiors. “[My business partner] Nina and I spent time in an apartment in the 11th arrondissement last year, and every corner had a function – and it was good.

Due to the lack of space, Parisians had to be ingenious in terms of layout and storage so that their kitchen could function properly. After all, another quintessential aspect of the French way of life is eating, drinking, and having fun – all of which require your cooking. Ana Ortiz, chef, caterer and designer from New York Day in the night organized dinner service (which was featured on Golden, the epitome of French style) cut her culinary teeth while studying, working and living in Paris, and she adds that in typical French cuisine you will also notice their high quality products on display. “More [apartments] have tiny refrigerators, but I think it works in Paris because the ingredients are so good there, ”she explains. “Who needs a lot of cooking when there is good cheese, bread and pastries? Inspired cuisine, Ortiz notes that fresh fruit, crème fraîche, coffee and wine have always been a staple in his home.

Besides the refrigerator and the pantry, what else do you need to make a perfectly Parisian cuisine? Coming up, Trepte offers some of his best tips – inspired by the most stylish French houses – that include ways to organize even the smallest of spaces, chic ways to store (and display) your belongings, and corner in. which one you should invest in, as well as some ideas for where to buy everything you need to make your own ASAP.

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French Girl Kitchen Decor: Functional storage

If, like most Parisians, you have little space to start, Trepte explains that it’s important to use your shelves, walls and even your ceiling wisely so that it doesn’t get too crowded. Don’t have a ton of cabinets? A utility cart or wall / hanging pot rack can be a game-changer. And while the designer notes that you need to keep your most used items close at hand / within sight, if you’re lucky enough to have high areas to store your items, don’t forget to have a folding ladder at hand. you can easily access it when you need it.

French cuisine decoration: organization is the key

Keeping this theme alive, keeping organized in a small kitchen is crucial if you really want to be able to use it for cooking, baking, and cocktail making, as well as for a bit of entertainment. The biggest organizational tip for Trepte? If there is no designated home for something, create one. A set of glass guys for your dry goods lets you find ingredients with ease while looking classy. Ditto for the baskets (a staple of French cuisine!)

French girl kitchen decor: put it on display

Because the quality and freshness of the ingredients mean that most French girls don’t need to refrigerate so much, the lovely food and produce can almost serve as a backdrop in itself! There are some items that can help you do this, including an egg rack, fruit and bread baskets (especially hanging ones) and of course a vase for fresh flowers. And if you don’t have open shelves yet, this can be the perfect way to showcase some of your favorite kitchen items. “Organize everything tastefully so that it looks like it was bound to happen,” says Trepte. “Get it. Leave out your beautiful cookware, your bowls, whatever they are.”

French cuisine decoration: don’t forget the drinks

Because coffee, cocktails, and wine are staples of the French girl’s lifestyle, be sure to create a place for yourself to create and enjoy your own. “Always leave room for a mini coffee station or bar,” says Trepte. “These are easy things to leave in cupboards to make room for other items. It also gives you easy access to the two things you need most in life!” Some ideas of what to include in yours? A slim Nespresso machine can fit into even the smallest of counter spaces, and a Duralex tumbler set is a French essential for water, wine, or whatever.

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