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5 kitchen decorating ideas to give you the comfortable cooking space of your dreams

Of course, our kitchens are there above all for their utilitarian function: preparing meals for the family. But the point is, our kitchens are more than just functional cooking spaces. They are the hub of our homes.

We get together in the kitchen with our family and friends during vacations and celebrations. We bake cookies with our kids, bake drinks with our partners and even make on our counters.

So, shouldn’t this space reflect all of the warm and wonderful things that are happening inside?

If your kitchen has felt more utilitarian than comfortable lately, read on. We’ve unearthed five trending decorating looks on Instagram to help you bring some character back to your kitchen, along with all the details on how you can steal the look.

1. Range of bricks

For a look that will instantly transform the main event in your kitchen, look no further than this range of brick design from @cherokeebrick.

“One of the hottest trends in 2021 is the installation of exposed brick in your kitchen,” says Anton Giuroiu, CEO of Architecture laboratory. “Brick can add character to a space, and its rugged traditional look pairs beautifully with industrial or farmhouse style appliances. While real brick walls can be expensive to install, faux brick panels provide an affordable alternative.

Have the look: Find the right brick paneling for your kitchen by purchasing this collection at Home deposit.

2. Hunter green cabinets

Hunter green is a hot kitchen color right now and looks amazing on these cabinets featured by @grovecollaborative.

“Hunter green is making a comeback in US kitchens,” says Giuroiu. “This dark and vibrant shade evokes the feeling of being in nature and brings a touch of elegance to a space. While you can choose to decorate the entire kitchen with just one color, I suggest pairing this shade with white, black, burgundy, or wood – hunter green cabinets and shelves against white walls or vice versa. .

Have the look: Buy this shade of hunter green paint.

3. Pearl white backsplash

All-white kitchens are still making their way, but a touch of the good white (like this pearl-inspired backsplash from @thetileclub) is still very present.

“Solid white can look boring, cold, and stale; pearl white enhances the appearance of white tiles creating a yet soft sheen, ”explains the designer Andra DelMonico, of tendency. “Some mother of pearl tiles even have an iridescent effect that offers hints of other colors, which you can accentuate by using those colors in the rest of the kitchen.”

Have the look: Find the best iridescent tiles for your kitchen backsplash by purchasing this collection of Tile bar.

4. Floral chandeliers

We’ve been huge fans of the floral wallpaper trend, so we were downright delighted to see that the floral aesthetic has planted seeds elsewhere in our decor. Take a look at these floral chandeliers from @ therealmlandreth59, which is impossible for us not to love, whether you are a fan of flowers or not.

“Since the COVID lockdowns, people have been looking for ways to bring the outside in,” says DelMonico. “Nature-inspired interior design elements have become incredibly popular. A floral chandelier is a delicate way to add a touch of nature to your kitchen.

“Consider the type of flower and the overall style of the chandelier, which should match the style of the rest of your kitchen,” she adds.

Have the look: Buy this Brielle chrome ceiling lamp.

5. Artistic corner

This emerging cooking trend presented by @devolkitchens is incredibly special, not least because it can be completely personalized and created from things you already own.

“Adding an artistic corner to your kitchen gives it a cozy and warm atmosphere,” says DelMonico. “It’s the perfect addition to a farmhouse or bohemian style kitchen. Add a comfortable place to sit, a small table, and artwork on the walls. Brew a cup of coffee or tea, then settle in with a good book.

Scale the furniture with the space available for your nook, she suggests. If it is spacious, you can add a sofa. A medium-sized space will suit a loveseat, and a small nook should have an armchair.

Have the look: Buy your local thrift store or try this Guthrie loveseat to bring your artistic corner to life.

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