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5 kitchen decorating ideas you can do QUICKLY with just a test paint pot (or two)

If you are looking for kitchen decor ideas to spice up your space (we think: Sunday, when it rains), look no further. These have a lot of advantages: they’re easy, they’re fast, you don’t need any DIY experience, and honestly none will take much more paint than a tester pot or two. That said, their impact will be HUGE.

So go ahead and get inspired – and find tons of other kitchen ideas in our great inspiration gallery.

1. Make yourself a tiled kitchen splashback with paint

Kitchen with geometric splashback painted in pink, green, brown and white with golden border

(Image credit: Katie Lee © Future)

This GENIUS idea is so easy to create but instantly adds color and character to a kitchen. So you have a plain painted wall instead of a splashback and it looks, well, simple? Then paint it. We love this geometric pattern and the shocking colors used, with duct tape, to create a unique look, but you can keep it much simpler or use stencils to create a wallpaper effect. Our only advice? Use a paint that will resist splashing and wiping, or add a coat of varnish to a matt painted wall to harden it.

2. Use toning paint shades to add interest behind shelves

Kitchen decor ideas with paint

(Image credit: Dulux)

I LOVE this idea from Dulux! And it’s that simple, but it will create subtle interest in your kitchen decor. How to do? Just use a slightly different, but toning, tester pot to choose a section of wall in a kitchen so that it is noticeably darker (or lighter) than other parts of the wall. Maybe you have some test pots left over when you have chosen your kitchen paint color? Go loot that DIY closet and paint …

3. Use paint to highlight part of your kitchen

This idea of Dulux is so easy to do and can make a real impact. Use it behind a splashback to join it to the wall shelves above, or paint a square right in the center behind a freestanding cabinet to create an original “frame”. Our advice? Pick calming colors if you plan on doing this – it’s a bold statement to make decorative and bold shades perhaps a little too shocking. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

4. Choose an alcove or kitchen cabinets inside with paint

Kitchen decor ideas with paint

(Image credit: Dulux)

Here, an alcove has been given a dramatic treatment with paint – but you can use this trick inside kitchen cabinets with (or, of course, without) to create a bold backdrop. You don’t have to choose a dark color, but it does mean that EVERYTHING you put on the shelves will have its shapes, shades and textures immediately highlighted.

5. Paint the underside of a kitchen island

Kitchen decor ideas with paint

(Image credit: Dulux)

Is your kitchen island antique white? Well, there is nothing wrong with that, but if the material it is made from takes paint, this is a simple and easy option for a quick but effective update. A word of warning here: The paint should be tough enough to wipe off, but, more than that, to take the knocks, it will inevitably end up under any breakfast bar you’ve set up above. For more kitchen island ideas, don’t miss our dedicated article.

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