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5 super chic bathroom decor looks we love on Instagram this week

Oh, the bathrooms. We use you so often, depend on you like crazy, and maybe not always show you the love you deserve. Sure, we might have a Pinterest board with some cool ideas on how we’re going to level you up. one day (like finding the perfect vintage wallpaper on a trip to Paris). But it has occurred to us lately that maybe it is time to give these special pieces the zhuzh they deserve right now.

Of course, we always need some on-trend inspiration before we tackle a project, so naturally we took to Instagram to see what the most successful bathroom decor items are.

Turns out, bathrooms are one of those spaces that can easily go from pure function to elegance, with even a little change. Whether it’s swapping out your bathroom tiles, redoing a wall to make it more of a statement, or even just adding some fresh greenery, this week Instagram trends are all about the design hacks that really make a difference.

Here are our five favorite Instagram looks this week, and all the details on how you can steal the style.

1. Herringbone tile

Who knew that changing the direction of the shower tiles could make such a difference?

“Installing tiles in a herringbone pattern is a great way to make a design statement using a classic material like subway tiles,” says the designer. Autumn Stankovski, of FLOOR360. “And by using a strong color like jade green or turquoise blue with a high glaze, the installation can make a bold statement in any bathroom. This follows the maximalist design trend of making adventurous design choices that can also reflect personal style.

Have the look: Be maximalist (in the best possible way) with this Sea Blue Herringbone Glass Tile.

2. Mirror wall pattern

Sometimes all you really need to change the look of a bathroom is to change your mirror and make it part of a larger pattern like in this gorgeous design by. @rublevadesign.

“When homeowners with a need for self-expression are looking for design cues that say ‘more is more’, installing a mirrored wall in the bathroom is a perfect choice,” says Stankovsky. “It is true what they say about the mirrors giving the illusion of more space.”

Have the look: Give your bathroom a makeover with this floral removable textile wallpaper and Epperly illuminated frameless vanity mirror.


3. Basket planter

If smaller changes fit your budget better, take a look at these amazing basket planters from @jkath_designbuild.

“Whether your design taste is country, mundane, tribal or bohemian, basket planters can be the secret sauce to create your look,” says the designer. Susan bourassa, of Interiors from coast to coast. “Flower baskets are the trendiest way to add texture to a space, and the added organic touch brings instant calm to any room. Perhaps the best part about this design trend is how easily it is available at any price point.

Have the look: Add a calm and cozy vibe to your bathroom with these zigzag openwork weave baskets.

4. Bath-shower

On the other hand, install a tub-shower like this one from @eleven_views_ is definitely not the cheapest change of scenery you can make, but it is perhaps one of the most impressive.

“The ‘tub-shower’ is all the rage in bathrooms,” says Bourassa. “These bathrooms allow you to have the best of both worlds, even in a small space. You no longer have to choose between the luxury of a spa bath or shower, as this trend combines both of these desirable features in the same footprint. It’s also more than handy when it comes to the dreaded bathroom cleaning, storage of bath products, and the inevitable soaking and rinsing.

Have the look: Find a local Home Depot professional who can help make your tub-shower dreams come true.

5. Terrazzo floor

Is there anything more festive than this confetti look of terrazzo floors? We don’t think so, and we love the look in this bathroom by @theinteriorfox.

“Terrazzo might be a nod to mod designs of the past, but blending this element with today’s modern design features brings instant pleasure and interest to any space,” explains Bourassa. “It’s a subtle way to add pops of color without dominating the space. The end result is a clean look with tons of visual appeal.

Have the look: Bring a fun touch of terrazzo sophistication to your bathroom with this Mosaico Clasico tile.

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