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5 trends inspired by Instagram travel

If you’re craving a real vacation right now, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. While spring break can still be canceled, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the magical vibes of travel into your home with fresh decor.

After Instagram scouring for the hottest looks, we’re here to bring you these five favorites. From European-style lamps and vintage accents to tropical-colored tiles, these bathroom looks have a little something for every potential traveler. Here are five on-trend decor styles from The Gram, plus all the details on how to steal the look.

1. Frame wall lights

You might not know this one by name, but you will certainly recognize the industrial-chic vibe of these wall sconces from @ houseofbeau13.

“This is a great example of a trend that started in exterior decorating and has grown into an extremely popular style for all types of indoor lighting,” says Natasha Nicolaou of NatNico Designs.

“The materials have an industrial feel, but the box frame is light and delicate enough that it won’t be overwhelming in a small space,” Nicolaou continues. “This makes the box frame sconce perfect for adding a touch of industrial style to a bathroom. “

Have the look: Give your polished powder room an old European vibe with these dark bronze finish brass wall lanterns from Home Depot.

2. Antique style mirror

Nothing screams “WC” like an antique style mirror like this one from @_havensent_.

“Last year, homeowners opted for more daring and playful design choices in the bathrooms,” says Nicolaou. “Where there is a bold design, you will often find a beautiful ornate golden mirror.”

“The vintage gold mirror is a trend we’ve seen popping up in every room of the house over the years, and it’s finally found its time to shine as a gem of bathroom design,” adds she does. “They add a touch of glamor and vintage style to a bohemian or industrial style bathroom, and they blend in perfectly with the playful look and trendy color of the bathroom tiles and wallpaper.”

Have the look: Complete the playful ambience of your bathroom with this modern decorative mirror from Wayfair.

3. Bold and beautiful shower tile

If your dream destination has more palm trees than castles, you’ll love this colorful shower tile from @ thehouse.andme.

“Don’t be afraid to use a bold, shiny tile in your shower,” says Daniel Javor of Next Luxury. “Just balance it out with soft neutrals in the rest of the bathroom.

“Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces, which makes them perfect for splurging on a bold tile that would be too overwhelming or expensive to use elsewhere,” he continues. “Color has an influence on your mood and mental state, so choose a calming blue or green, or even an energetic yellow, orange or red.”

Have the look: Buy this Loft Mata Hari Polished Glass Tile.

4. Extra long medicine cabinet

Another thing that we miss these days are the quirky hotel rooms. Turn your bathroom mirror into something functional and fun with one of these XL medicine cabinets presented by @nziarko_.

“It is high time that this became a trend,” says Nicolaou. “I have no idea why we’ve put up with tiny medicine cabinets and tiny little mirrors for so long, but I’m so happy with all of the choices that are available now.

With premium bathroom storage, these extra-long cabinets are the perfect answer for those of us who have countless creams, lotions and serums to store away – and who wouldn’t want to. a bigger mirror? ” she asks. “The perfect combination of form and function is a trend that will last for a long time.”

Have the look: Upgrade your bathroom storage with one of these Searle surface mount medicine cabinets from Wayfair.

5. Oval sink

Space is essential, there is no better solution for efficiency in a bathroom than one of these oval sinks presented by @holzhausliebe.

“If you are renovating your bathroom, a vanity sink is a great choice because it is sleek, easy to install, and gives your bathroom a contemporary look,” Javor explains. “An oval shape is nice because it’s thinner, which makes it perfect for use in narrow bathrooms, and the long length also gives you more options for faucet placement. “

Have the look: Bring some contemporary space to your bathroom with this Wisteria Oval Matte Stone Sink from Home Depot.

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