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7 small kitchen decor ideas to brighten up your space

Whether you live in a ’boutique’ (read: tiny) rental or just don’t have as much workspace as your chef would like, decorating a small kitchen can seem like a challenge. The good news? You don’t have to sacrifice nice kitchen decor just because your space is tiny.

When it comes to decorating a small kitchen, function and fashion go hand in hand, which is why it’s important that every room you choose has a purpose. Think about: pots and pans you’ll want to display, decorations in unexpected places, and odds and ends that won’t (forgive the pun) devour your precious real estate counter.

Here, the designers share their favorite tips on how to perfect the art of decorating small kitchens, so you can embrace the interior designer in you without wasting an inch of cooking space.

Small kitchen decor ideas:

Shelves are a great way to save space.Getty Images

Instead of relying on your counters to maintain your decorations, find a way to work upwards.

“Use open shelves for extra storage and keep your exposed dishes and glassware simple and minimal,” said Shelby girard, design manager in the interior decoration department Havenly. “Often in small kitchens we have to use an extra shelf to store plates, glasses or serving pieces. To reduce the illusion of clutter, keep those pieces to a minimum, like sturdy white plates or matching glassware. Using empty space will also help create the illusion that the area is larger than it actually is.

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.Getty Images

Get rid of the clutter as best you can. “Set up stations – a cell phone charging station, a mail drop zone and a garbage drawer to hide all the ‘stuff,’ said Kelly Page, founder of the lifestyle blog Blue Gray Gal. “The better organized you are, the better you can think and use the room.”

  • 3. Use your meter to the fullest
Try to find items that are both functional and attractive for your counters.Getty Images

“In small kitchens, you’ll probably need to keep certain things on the counter, (so) it becomes important to consider the aesthetic quality and cohesion of the pieces on your counter,” Girard said. Simple cans of flour and sugar, a beautiful fruit bowl and utensil holder, an organized coffee station anchored by a cute tray and even a thoughtful paper towel holder can go a long way in dressing up your kitchen while at the same time. being super functional.

Do you really need an over the counter microwave?Getty Images

Cooking your food in the microwave can be a quick and efficient way to prepare dinner quickly, but the tool will take up some pretty valuable space on your counter. “They’re bulky and not cute, and pretty much anything you microwave your oven or stovetop for is easily replaced,” Girard said. KitchenAid mixer.

  • 5. Integrate your cookware into the decor
These copper pots are gorgeous on display.Getty Images

Limited cabinet space can make it difficult to store all those bulky pots and pans you need to cook dinner, but Pinterest has found some cute and easy ways around that. Invest in beautiful kitchen utensils, like the rainbow of options from Great Jones, and hang them above your pan on hooks or a cork board. A collection of colorful mugs can also look useful hanging above the stove.

  • 6. Try out hidden furniture
A foldable kitchen table will give you options.Getty Images

If you don’t have room for a full kitchen table, try a folding table. There are many foldable tables on the market that you can fold up and store away, which can also double as kitchen islands for extra counter space. Take it out when you receive and you’ll have the best of both options.

  • 7. Add artwork, lighting and rugs
Don’t be afraid to add some fun design elements!Getty Images

“We don’t usually think of our functional kitchens as a place for more special design considerations, but a beautiful chandelier, a vintage-inspired runner, or small works of art propped up on open shelves can do a lot to spruce up your room. kitchen and motivate you to cook at home, “Girard said. Additional lighting can also make smaller and darker spaces more manageable.

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