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8 Kitchen Decor and Culinary Trends Under $50

Simple and inexpensive ways to refresh a kitchen, from new cabinet hardware to mixed metal hammered bowls.

The start of a new season is always a perfect excuse to refresh a space.

What makes a kitchen remodel so difficult is twofold: light fixtures (like cabinets and appliances) are, for better or worse, the focal point of the decor and need to be bypassed. Another challenge is that kitchens are an expensive household investment and, like bathrooms, are not easy to change overnight.

Adding ornamental pieces is a happy decorating compromise because it allows for a fresh look without a huge overhaul or commitment. These easy-to-add pieces include tumblers that sold out multiple times this summer, bold paint designed for furniture, and an apron seen on TV.

Take the heat, stay in the kitchen

Side effects of The Bear’s observation frenzy include answering “yes chef” to any question and calling for “hands” when the grilled cheese is ready. It also led to a rush for utilitarian kitchen clothes, like navy blue aprons. $16 on Amazon.

Learn to can (but not from Instagram)

The All New Canning Balls Book

Thinking of canning tomato sauce?

For novices, it’s important to start with safe guidelines, and unfortunately some food influencers don’t use the correct food safety guidelines in their TikToks and Instagram Reels. Instead, use a reliable, proven resource like The All New Ball Book of Canning ($21), Canning and Preserving for Beginners ($9.19 for the paperback), and The Homestead Canning Book ($31.77).

A dream kitchen decor that does not cost much

Amazon romantic cups

These ornate and romantic tumblers from Amazon have been selling out all summer and should sell out again soon. 6/$35.89 on Amazon.

Salt dish

The salt shakers are replaced by glass salt shakers. As it is a two-pack, one can be used for table salt and the other for Himalayan salt, sea salt or flavored salt. $21 at Amazon.


Mixing metals is a big trend for 2022, and this hammered bowl comes in brass and gold for an eye-catching centerpiece. It’s currently on sale for $50 on Amazon.

Green with craving for cooking


Sage continues an in-demand cabinet color, but for those who just want a few accents, sage bowls ($17.99 at Amazon), dish towels ($6 at Simons) and a set of utensils ($18 chez Simons) scratch the itch without a full kitchen renovation.

Textured bottle

After years of envying the meticulously organized pantries dominating our Instagram feeds, minimalist and monochromatic organizers are giving way to patterned and textured boxes. It’s a refreshing change from muted whites and grays. $23.10 on Amazon.

Update kitchen cabinets and drawers

Country Chic Painting

If the kitchen cabinets are looking tired, the Canadian Country Chic line is a primer/paint that works on wood, laminate and glass and provides a matte finish (which can be weathered or left as is). With 50 old colors like Starstruck (navy blue) and Paint the Town (red), it’s a DIY dream. $16.99 on Amazon.

Half-shell handles.

Another quick-change option is new cabinet pulls, but instead of the standard slim design, these antique-looking shell pulls are lovely. $18.99 on Amazon.

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