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9 chic coffee makers that will wake up your kitchen decor

The days of the basic coffee maker (we’re looking at you, Mr. Coffee) are long gone. Today’s coffee makers are stylish, even elegant. They promise infusions to pour, to a cup and to the French press. They can make lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. Some even sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – just say “brew” before you shower and go, a fresh cup of java in minutes.

We could go on.

As one of the few small home appliances that consistently takes up a spot on the kitchen counter, your coffee maker should do more than just brew – it should make a difference. declaration. Want a glamorous conversation starter that will wow your guests? Try these nine options for size.

1. A colorful alarm clock

Over a dozen colors can help you start your day off right.


The Technivorm Moccamaster just might be the coffee maker you shouldn’t consider living without. The handcrafted Dutch machine only takes four to six minutes to brew a full carafe, perfect for those who need coffee, like, at present.

We won’t ignore the $ 300 plus price tag, but reviewers say the innovative features (the copper heating element, for example) help make coffee as good as any barista. Plus, a dozen wake-up colors like Metallic Red, Royal Blue, and Pepper Yellow will brighten up your day and wow anyone who stops for a cup.

What to buy: Technivorm Moccamaster, Amazon, $ 309


2. Log in

Sync to start your day.


Start your day in a futuristic way with this certified smart brewer. Not only can you sync the Behmor coffee maker with Amazon Alexa and start brewing a pot with your voice, but Amazon Dash will do it automatically – or is it automatic –magically?-order beans or ground coffee if you run out. The Behmor even lets you customize the brew temperature, presoak time, and altitude (yes, altitude). If only he could walk the dog.

What to buy: Behmor connected coffee maker, Amazon, $ 199


3. Classic mid-century style

Retro has never been so present.


Known for its cheerful and colorful 1950s-style home appliances large and small, SMEG wowed mid-century design enthusiasts with its counter-worthy toasters, juicers and coffee makers. Set it and forget it with this coffee maker: an “aroma intensity” function allows java lovers to preset the strength of their coffee so that the first sip is worth getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning . It also comes in cool pastels, as well as bright, eye-catching colors like bright red.

What to buy: 50s retro style SMEG coffee maker, Nordstrom, $ 199.95


4. Faster payout

Pour-on coffee has never been ready so quickly.

(On the table)

Keep it simple yet stylish with an overflow coffee maker like the sleek Chemex Ottomatic. This coffee maker takes the hourglass-shaped carafe and combines it with automation, delivering a consistent, sturdy cup of coffee every time. The best part? It takes six minutes, much less than a typical filter coffee maker.

What to buy: Chemex Ottomatic coffee maker, On The Table, $ 350


5. Seriously, so cute

A compact oasis of color, right on your counter


Serious coffee enthusiasts are known to avoid coffee brewed from pods, but this stylish Keurig K-Mini pod coffee maker is such cute, it might just change your mind. It is only 5 inches wide, so it fits on the counter of even the smallest studio. It only brews one cup at a time, but sometimes that’s all you need.

What to buy: Keurig K-Mini Pod Coffee Maker, Target, $ 69.99


6. Surprisingly refined

Yes, it’s a coffee maker, and so sophisticated.

(On the table)

Your guests might admire this coffee maker from across your kitchen, if only to understand what it is exactly. Well this is a Francis Francis for illy X1 iperEspresso Machine (hope that cleared things up).

This strikingly beautiful machine makes a deliciously authentic and full-bodied Italian espresso, adding more than a touch of sophistication to your countertop. The X1 can also brew cappuccino, lattes and coffee from medium or dark roast capsules. At $ 545, it’s by far the most expensive device on our list, but think about all the money you’ll save at Starbucks.

What to buy: Francis Francis for illy X1 iper Espresso machine, On The Table, $ 544.96


7. A frothy beauty

It’s exquisite, and it has a frother to boot.

(On the table)

De’Longhi’s stylish Nespresso VertuoPlus offers a simple and colorful way to brew a bold cup of coffee in the morning. Similar to the Francis Francis, this machine also brews delicious coffee using capsules, offering two different cup sizes. The compact milk frother makes the perfect latte or cappuccino every time. Plus, he looks so deliciously handsome sitting on the counter.

What to buy: De’Longhi Nespresso VertuoPlus with Aeroccino3 nozzle, On The Table, $ 174.96


8. Stunning options

Vibrant colors make this coffee maker a place on your kitchen counter.

(BELLA housewares)

The colors of this device might just wake you up before the coffee even starts. The Trendy Bella Linea Programmable Coffeemaker offers three different “brew strength” options including Regular, Gourmet, and Bold, helping you better prepare for the day ahead. . Need more pop in your life? Bella Linea also makes colorful toasters, can sets, can openers, and slow cookers.

What to buy: Bella Linea Programmable Coffee Maker, Amazon, $ 48.37


9. Refinement of stainless steel

There is so much more to this elegant French press.

(Cooking aid)

There’s more than meets the eye with this stylish KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker. Inside, this versatile metal French press features a built-in scale and timer to weigh ground coffee and water to properly set the brewing time, ensuring a delicious cup every time. The double-walled stainless steel carafe helps keep coffee warm, while the graceful design ensures a designated spot for this coffee maker on any kitchen counter or dining table.

What to buy: Precision Press Coffee Maker, KitchenAid, $ 99.99

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