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Bruce Willis is responsible for my viral bathroom decor

Call him! Demi Moore blames her ex-husband Bruce willis for putting brown carpet in the bathroom of his Idaho home.

“This is once again the house my kids grew up in and it was originally a choice of Bruce Willis,” author Inside Out, 57, revealed on Late night with Seth Meyers Tuesday July 14. “So, in order not to put him off, we also live in the mountains where it is very cold. So that never bothered me. It’s pretty good that we put rugs in our bathroom.

The decor of the Striptease star’s bathroom drew reactions from fans on social media. She even replied to a hilarious Twitter thread on Saturday July 11, which questioned its choice of decor, writing: “😂 😂 this thread makes our whole family scream!

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

Swan Gallet / WWD / Shutterstock; Marion Curtis / StarPix for Universal Pictures / Shutterstock

Moore told the host Seth Meyer that she “appreciates the interest” in her “little quirks” throughout her house. “This place is definitely home to a lot of my treasures and I laughed a lot at the comments with my family, who know me well, all of my eccentricities big and small,” she explained. “You know, like my giant tennis ball. … My giant safety pin.

Moore, however, noted that she was “very disappointed” that commentators had not discussed the fact that her bathroom sofa is miniature. “The sofa is not normally in my bathroom. Had to move it all because, you know, we were doing this podcast that we’re here [on your show] to talk, ”she shared. “We had to find the place for the best sound. So I did a test in my closet. I have done this in various places.

The Ghost actress added, “What came out was the bathroom sounded the best. So I was there several hours a day, but couldn’t bring full-size furniture. So this miniature little sofa was something I made for my kids a long time ago.

Moore was married to Willis, 65, from 1987 to 2000. The former couple share daughters Rumer willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah willis.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the exes have quarantined themselves alongside their three children. The group bonded by participating in family activities, including reading and painting.

The Die hard the actor’s wife Emma heming and their daughters Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 6, then joined the group in May.

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