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Designers say bathroom decor is changing as homeowners emerge from COVID

Designers and home decorators are finding that solid colors, like white or beige, that contrast with strong color accents, like black or gold, are popular choices when designing bathrooms.

Photo provided by Nathan Caspers

    Simple mirrors hanging above twin sinks and LED lighting are popular additions for bathrooms, according to interior design experts.

Simple mirrors hanging above twin sinks and LED lighting are popular additions for bathrooms, according to interior design experts.

Photo courtesy of Lois Haron


METRO DETROIT — Home styles are constantly changing, and bathrooms are no exception.

Designers say new trends in style and design are coming to the fore, and more and more people are taking the time to make these changes due to the large number of people who have worked or are still working from home.

Corie Conroy, owner of First Impression Interior Design in Bloomfield Hills, said she sees many of her clients opting for more wood or stone in their bathroom designs, or more conventional materials that appear textured like wood. or stone.

“Some of the stones used vary in a way. You will see people have luxurious marble that has a lot of veining that really stands out in their countertops and tubs. It’s a formal but very trendy style for 2022,” she said. “For a more casual look, you see tiles textured to look like wood or stone, as this gives a clean but warmer look to the bathroom. …Behind the sinks we see more textured tile instead of drywall or wallpaper.

Conroy also said she sees new trends in lighting, heating and mirrors.

“Heated floors are popular for more upscale bathrooms. You also have lighted mirrors on the walls and towering oversized light fixtures on the ceiling.

Nathan Caspers, the Infusion showroom manager at Wixom, said he sees people getting creative with space or trying out different options for fixtures and faucets.

“We’re seeing open-door storage turn into drawer storage so the whole space can move forward a bit and you can put everything away without falling over,” he said. “Having showers with multiple showerheads and handheld showerheads also increases sales.”

Lois Haron, owner and designer of Designs in Decorator Wood & Laminates in Farmington Hills, said she was surprised to see which predicted trends are coming true with customers and which seem to have missed the mark.

“There’s supposed to be a trend towards floating sinks, but I don’t see that with my clients,” she said. “I see a lot of individual mirrors placed above sinks with an applique on either side and using LED lights. A new trend is to place a laundry basket under a counter that rolls down on wheels.”

She added that many owners include safety gear as they age.

“What I’m seeing right now is a lot of people converting tubs to showers,” Haron said. “A lot of people also add grab bars to them when they’re older. People are installing a lot of double sinks and I see a lot of granite countertops.

All three said the color trend is to go for a simpler, more traditional look, but with a few pops of color added.

“I still see a lot of white and beige tones,” Haron said. “When color is added to bathrooms, it’s usually as an accent, such as trim, carpeting or floor tiles.”

“We mostly see neutral tones like white or earth tones,” Conroy added. “Picturesque mural wallpaper behind bathtubs is gaining popularity, showing birds or flowers or something.”

Caspers agreed, but added that he also sees more striking colors blending in, even among fairly simple color schemes.

“I agree that whites and grays have dominated the designs, but while color has dominated recently, I think more neutral, calming vibes are coming back,” he remarked. “We see a lot of black and white and eye-catching designs that people love. I think the modern farmhouse look is spreading from the kitchen to the bathroom. We continue to see blues and greens as popular colors and the use of gold in the fittings.This makes a lot of the fixtures stand out.

Several retailers and designers said they saw an increase in business over the past year.

“We’re definitely seeing an increase in business now that more people are working from home,” Conroy said. “They want to make sure what’s behind them on Zoom calls looks good. We are seeing more business in offices and bedrooms, but bathrooms are also being upgraded. »

“Business is good,” added Haron. “We started here two years ago in June, and we’ve never seen a COVID meltdown. I think people were at home looking at what they wanted to change every day, so there were more people doing that.

Caspers said he thinks COVID-19 has made people more aware of cleanliness and germ prevention when thinking about their home bathrooms. He added that many customers are adding technologically more complicated fixtures and fittings to their bathrooms.

“Freestanding baths continue to be very popular and we are increasingly entering the era of electronic shower systems. Sales of steam showers have increased and I think customers have explored different ideas for wellness and touchless faucets to eliminate the spread of germs. I think COVID has changed the way people think about the spread of germs in terms of bathrooms,” he said. “Bidet seats and smart toilets have increased in recent years as people get used to them and they become more available.”


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