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Farmhouse and small bathroom decor

Take your bathroom from dull to fabulous with some of our carefully selected bathroom accent pieces.

Ahh the bathroom… It can either be a soothing paradise that evokes feelings of soothing loneliness – or a place you’d honestly prefer to avoid, but can’t because of bodily functions and hygiene and all that. Obviously we want your bathroom to be old fashioned, but unless you have the money to undertake a major renovation this might not be possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few items that can easily spruce up your bathroom, but won’t cost you a fortune.

Our advice is not to overdo it with multiple colors and patterns, but pick one color palette or theme and stick to it. If you’re someone who likes a room with a little more character, choose something bolder – like the shower curtain, bath mat, or a framed picture on the wall – and make it the “conversation piece.” ” of the room . Because people talk about bathrooms, right?

We’ve chosen four different bathroom designs that should fit well in any home, and picked out some of our favorite items that you can order right to your front door. Whether you’re someone who prefers a brightly colored powder room or someone who prefers to stick with black and white or stone tones, we have options to suit all color preferences.

Finally, remember that sometimes a little elbow grease can go a long way. You don’t want to just cover a dirty bathroom with a new carpet: invest a whole day in cleaning up any accumulated dirt – if you have dirty tiles, a little hand soap, a toothbrush will do wonders . Once that’s done, check out some of the bathroom essentials we’ve rounded up below, and soon you’ll be proudly showing off your luxurious toilet.

potty heaven

This style is for anyone who considers their bathroom breaks a vacation away from the real world…or anyone who uses the bathroom “on island time”.

All Over The Jungle Shower Curtain

This shower curtain from Urban Outfitters will make you feel like you’re staying in the Palm Suite at The White Lotus. Imagine the sound of your shower being like the gentle pattering of rain outside your window in Hawaii!

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Haven Acacia Waste Paper Basket

acacia trash can

If you’re going for a paradise-themed bathroom, it’s all in the little details. We love this trash can, which looks like it was dug out of a rainforest.

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parlor palm

parlor palm

Does anything conjure up heaven like a real palm tree? If you have the counter space in your bathroom, this little guy will really brighten up the room.

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Riviera bath mat

White bath mat

We can’t look away from this bathroom rug – it’s fun and unique without being too flashy. No matter the size of your bathroom, you’ll feel like you’re in a palace with this sleek floor design that covers old tiles.

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The Shore Wall Art

Image of the shore

Impossible to have a heavenly bathroom without a view of the ocean! This framed photo will take you on a warm wave.

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The bathroom in black and white

If you love a clean, sleek look in a bathroom but still want warm accents, then you’ll fall head over heels in love with our black and white choices.

White Polka Dot Shower Curtain

white shower curtain

We absolutely adore this shower curtain. The white linen will give the whole room a clean look and the subtle pom pom detailing will add a bit of fun.

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Modern Threads Reversible Bath Mat

black and white rug

We bought this bathroom rug because it breaks up the white details in the bathroom with a subtle hint of black that isn’t too jarring.

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Framed photograph “Days in Paris”

parisian photo

Is there anything more romantic in your dressing room than a portrait of Paris? You’ll want to stand there all day staring at this photo, trying to teleport to Europe.

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Simplehuman White Steel Trash Can

white trash can

We recommend this bin because it’s simple, the white/silver look blends seamlessly into any room, and the covered lid will conceal unpleasant odors.

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Brooklyn Candle Studio Santorini Candle

santorini candle

Nothing says relaxing more than the smell of fig and sandalwood. Place this candle on your bathroom counter or on your toilet tank to sweeten the whole room.

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The Picturesque Country Chest of Drawers

This is the bathroom for all of you Upper fixator fans out there, or anyone who loves the farmhouse look (hopefully without the barn smell).

Agneta Shower Curtain

agneta shower curtain

The large, bright flowers on this shower curtain evoke feelings of warmth and happiness – exactly what we want to feel after a long soak in the tub.

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Rabbit toilet paper holder

Rabbit toilet paper holder

Could this be the cutest toilet paper holder ever made? It’s sure to put a smile on guests’ faces (and you, of course).

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George Oliver Blanket Scale

coverage scale

You have space to space? This ladder is the firm way to display your towels. Joanna Gaines would approve.

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Farmhouse wall clock

Wall clock

If you’re really looking for that farmhouse vibe, this clock is a stylish, rustic addition to any wall.

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Rustic Barn Wood Tissue Box Cover

Tissue box cover

A tissue box holder is a simple way to upgrade any bathroom. We love this rustic-looking one, which actually comes in a two-pack. (Score.)

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The chic and elegant sink

These stone and chrome accents are perfect for anyone who likes a more industrial look in their home.

Ceramic soap dish

ceramic soap dish

If you like the industrial look, this soap dish is for you. Gray stone is sure to add a sophisticated, polished look to any bathroom.

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Two-tone metal wastebasket

metal trash can

If you’re going for elegance, this beautiful wastebasket is the perfect way to show off your attention to detail.

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Gray Shower Curtain Set

shower curtain

If you’re going for expensive bathroom accessories, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a shower curtain. This one will fulfill its purpose at a very reasonable price.

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Stepping Stones Wall Art

stone art

Since so much of this bathroom pattern is stone themed, we love this abstract image of smooth river stones to complete the room.

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