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How to makeover your bathroom with Amazon

I just signed a lease for a new apartment, which is super exciting! But moving is also incredibly expensive. Especially when you have a million decorating ideas like me, and a trillion beauty products to organize like me, as a beauty director, really, really. Even if you aren’t moving but are just ready for the * change *, upgrading to a small bathroom can leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start. For me, that’s where Amazon comes in. In addition to trolling a few Instagram accounts of choice from home organization experts (my favorite is Jamie Hord from @horderlynyc). Below, check out some easy storage and decorating upgrades that are good for your wallet, schedule, and overall vibes.

Shower curtains

The first obvious move when you’re ready for an update is the shower curtain (assuming you don’t have sliding doors). This is an opportunity for a giant piece of art in a room that is otherwise usually all white.

Pretty Caddies

I just hate those bulky white plastic shower caddies, or the ones that hang down from your shower spout and always look like they’re about to fall. Instead, I like metal suction baskets that don’t collect water inside, allow you to see your items, and look more deliberate when arranged along your wall. tiled shower.

Steam-proof artwork

A few photos or paintings in the bathroom will make you look more adult right away, but the trickiest part is the steam, which can ruin the paper. Do not put any valuables in the bathroom; instead, find moisture-resistant options like removable wallpaper and water-resistant canvases.

Fresh bath mat

If you’ve had the same bath mat for a while, it’s surprising how much a new rug will make your bathroom look brand new. I vote for fun and unexpected colors.

Aesthetic hand soap

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