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Instagram’s Most Popular Living Room Decor of the Week: Get the Look

It’s all too easy to let your living room become a dumping ground for choice. You know what we mean: piles of unopened mail on the coffee table, toys spilling out of their trash cans, half-folded laundry – and the list goes on and on. Do we really need to describe this? No, but we can to help.

That’s why we’re dedicating this week’s top Instagram decor trends to that critical room in your home that probably isn’t getting enough of your neat decorating attention. Don’t you want to make it the perfect space, rather than just a stop on the way to the kitchen? Here are five of the most popular looks on Instagram that are guaranteed to enhance your salon with minimal effort.

#Jungalow statement wall

This season has been dominated by trends bringing the outdoors in, and this week is no exception. #Jungalow is popping up on the interior design scene, and one of our favorite iterations is this bright green leafy wallpaper that can be seen in a @ deco_home.ld repost originally posted by @mi_hogar__deco.

It evokes an earlier age.

“At the time, the Beverly Hills Hotel with its iconic wallpaper of palm trees was the destination of big celebrities,” explains Tracy Metro, host of the “House Doctor” makeover show. “Today, this look is a reminder that timeless doesn’t have to mean boring.

“Large, bold prints in playful colors like these bring energy and liveliness to a space,” Metro adds.

Have the look: You don’t have to turn your entire living room into a jungle to reap the benefits of this lush green allure. In fact, you can achieve the look just by adding a single statement wall with a piece of paper like this from One Kings Lane.

“This wallpaper makes us feel like we’re on a beach vacation in Shangri-La,” Metro says. “And who couldn’t use that on a given Tuesday?” “

Comfortable Moroccan floor pillows

This trend is nothing new, which is probably exactly why we love it, especially in this post from @reserve_home.

“Everyone’s house should have something older than the occupants,” Metro says. “This floor pillow could be 50 years old and have some stories to tell.”

“They are a great way to convey that a space is meant for relaxation and conversation and not just for looks,” adds the designer. Pablo Salomon from Austin Texas.

Have the look: Update your living room seating with a large leather floor ottoman from CB2 or a few smaller squares from Rug Studio.

“The Moroccan floor cushion is my favorite way to create balance, add extra seating, and bring other shapes and colors to rooms for relaxation,” says Peggy Dupuis by Dupuis Design.

Illuminated geopastel prints

Not everyone has the time (or the funds) to buy the latest art trends, which is why we are so grateful to artists like @restyleart who make it so easy. Through its geopastel prints, we really feel the uplifting magic that these abstract prints can bring to a space.

“These prints are both bold and bright without being loud or attracting too much attention,” says Metro. “It gives off a sophisticated and happy atmosphere. “

Have the look: The best part about these prints is that you can buy the exact copies in her Instagram posts at affordable prices on her website. The only thing to figure out is how many of them a person can realistically fit in a room, but we’ll let you figure that out.

Antique-chic wall garden

If it seems like the internet will never stop offering creative indoor gardening solutions, you might be right. In fact, this week’s post from @ o.interior is just one more reason to visit your favorite plant store, pronto.

“If you want to create a bohemian space, you have to include a wall garden,” says Metro. “What I like about this room is the duality of the ornate frame juxtaposed with the simplicity of the tumbling plant.”

Have the look: “Go to a charity store and buy a groovy ornate picture frame, then go to the hardware store and buy wire mesh or a simple screen and staple it to the back of the frame,” Metro says. “Attach wooden spacers to the back for the plants to sit on, and tie up your plants by tying them to the back of the frame and gently threading the stems through the holes in the screen.” “

If you don’t have a local vintage store, you can choose one of these frames on Etsy to get started. Remember to be careful when watering your new wall garden.

“It’s a leaky job,” Metro warns. “You might consider taking the room apart to water the plants and letting them drain before putting it back, or you’ll get mud on the furniture. “

Trendy storage as decoration

“We all have way too much thing that we don’t want to part with, ”says Metro. “But where are you supposed to put it all if you don’t live in a mansion like Beyoncé ?!”

Touch. Storage as decor is nothing new, but we love how this chic table pictured in @hgtvcanada’s post from @fridlaa disguises our hoarding issues as a conscious decision.

“If your furniture can be both adorable and functional, then you’ve practically won the lotto,” Metro says.

Have the look: Unsurprisingly, this table comes straight from the masters of design and function themselves: Ikea. The price makes it a steal, as does the fact that you can put that stack of mail out of sight for about a week without it looking at you every day after work.

“It’s a coffee table, a movable footrest, a storage bin and a cute cat corner,” says Metro. “I always say, if you can’t fix it or get rid of it, hide it.”

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