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Kitchen Decor | What does the future of kitchen design look like?

Nolte India, the manufacturer of German modular kitchens, wardrobes and modular beds, has made significant inroads into the country’s high-end home decor segment over the past decade. Today, they are the largest modular kitchen manufacturers in India and at the forefront of launching futuristic kitchen concepts for the discerning consumer. In an email interview with Alok Duggal, Director of Nolte India, we learn about the recently launched social kitchen concept by the module maker, the trends in modular kitchens integrated with SmartTech, and we also get a glimpse of the presence of Nolte India at Salone del Mobile 2018.

AD: You recently launched the Nolte India Social Kitchen concept with architect Sandeep Khosla and chef Manu Chandra. What does a social kitchen embody?

Alok Duggal: After more than a decade establishing our brand in India and installing over 7,000 kitchens, we are starting to understand the pulse of the social fabric here. In our research and interactions with consumers, we have found that the typical functionality of the kitchen has changed over the past few years. With all of the family members away from home for work, meetings, or other commitments, breakfast preparation and serving takes place simultaneously, with people keeping up to date with their schedules, etc.

Likewise, if there is a house party on a Friday after work, the prep work takes place while guests gather in the kitchen itself, creating a social atmosphere in the space. The kitchen has thus become the heart of the house. This is basically what led to the launch of this concept called Social Kitchen.

Nolte India modular kitchen concept at Salone del Mobile 2018

AD: How adaptable and customizable is Nolte India’s Social Kitchen?

Alok Duggal: Nolte India kitchens are designed to keep style, functionality and usability at the same level. Gone are the days when the kitchen was only designed to prepare meals for the day. Today’s kitchens are doubled as spaces where you can meet up with family and entertain friends. With this in mind, our kitchen designs can be customized and tailored for families large and small as well as for people who value good design.

AD: What are the three most visible changes in kitchen design internationally?

Alok Duggal: India is catching up with international trends, especially design trends from Europe. Open kitchens have become a trend and home appliances play an important role in organizing the entire cooking process. Wall units, islands and integrated kitchen units have become a trend that can be found in small and large kitchens. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood, and metals such as copper are some of the trends we will see this year and next.

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