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Kitchen rugs and runners that will brighten up your kitchen decor | Most Wanted Products

While you may be skeptical about using a rug in a high traffic area like a kitchen, choosing one made with the right material can serve your kitchen surprisingly well. By investing in a rug or kitchen rug, you can breathe new life into it. Specially designed kitchen runners come in a durable, washable design that can handle kitchen footsteps and even accidental spills. Kitchen runners can also help you protect your hardwood floor or update drab old tile with an attractive pattern. Waterproof kitchen rugs will be even more practical because they won’t soak water or spilled food. Check out some options below:

This dark colored kitchen rug will hide all kinds of stains and add an earthy detail to your kitchen decor. The runner is made from 100% soft microfiber yarn for a super soft feel and comfort.

The runner has a non-slip rubber latex backing surface that will provide a stable surface.

This printed runner will add a striking detail to your kitchen floor. This rug would be perfect for covering worn tiles and other types of flooring. The mat is made with a rubber gel backing which will absorb water instantly and also dry quickly.

This kitchen mat can be machine washed.


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This brown kitchen rug will highlight a wooden floor. This runner is machine washable, wrinkle-resistant and pure dyed.

If your kitchen is dominated by woodwork, this runner would be a perfect addition to it.

Ideal for modular kitchens with colorful details, this runner will add a nice detail to your kitchen. The microfiber runner measures 40 cm by 120 cm. The mat has non-slip latex grooves that prevent the mat from slipping.

This mat is also machine washable.

With a graphic cutlery print, this rug combination is perfect for bringing freshness to an old, plain kitchen floor. The mat is also perfect for covering scratches and marks. The carpet set measures 40 by 120 cm and 40 by 60 cm.

The mat set has a non-slip textured latex backing that stays in place for a safe, non-slip walk.

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