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Most Popular Bathroom Decor of the Week on Instagram


Having a nice bathroom is a bit like having a personal spa – a spa that you don’t have to share or book in advance (unless you have teenagers, that is – to say). It can be a refuge with wine and bubbles after a long day, or just a place to cool off before work.

We believe bathrooms should be more than just a wasteland of unread cosmetics and magazines. That’s why we look so often for dream-loo deco inspiration wherever we can find it. The best place for it these days? Instagram, hands down.

As part of a new series, we discover the hottest looks on Instagram every week, piece by piece. And best of all, we show you how you can successfully recreate these dreamy designs in your home.

Last week we cooked in the kitchen. This week: We get to work in the bathroom. From tropical influences to tribal-inspired tiles, here are five of the most popular bathroom decor items on Instagram this week.

Leafy luxury

We love this bathroom, which feels like an oasis in the jungle. Growing plants in the bathroom is so easy it feels like cheating, even if your thumb is as black as coal. Just follow the advice of the Instagram user @the_house_that_jen_built, who created a chic rainforest in her bathroom.

“You can’t ask for a better environment to care for the plants,” says New York designer Amanda Giuliano. “If you have no experience caring for plants, even something as maintenance-free as succulents can thrive in a bathroom.”

That’s because a lot of plants love the humidity in your shower, including air plants, bamboo, ferns, and even bromeliad, a favorite of the tropics.

Having plants for you will not only look great, they are also proven to make you feel better. As a decorating trend, houseplants also work well for warming rooms with lots of stone and tiling, which can otherwise appear too sterile.

“Plants make a space usually filled with hard surfaces much softer, with that lush green,” says Giuliano.

Steal the look: To grow your own rainforest at home, visit your local nursery or garden center, or check out the options you can have delivered to your door from online retailers like Amazon and The threshold.

#serious bath goals

Forget the fancy jets and candles. This bathing trend is much less complicated, but just as luxurious. We fell in love with the freestanding bathtub presented in @stylesourcebook, a replay of the talented @figr_architecture.

“Freestanding bathtubs are the epitome of any dream bathroom,” says Giuliano.

These sleek tubs are also relatively easy to install, if the bathroom is large enough to accommodate one, she says.

“They can be an amazing focal point and come in a variety of styles,” explains Lanna Ali-Hassan, co-owner of Beyond the Box Interiors.

They are also relatively affordable and can instantly give your bathroom that high end spa aesthetic.

Steal the look: For a sturdy selection of freestanding bathtubs, Ali-Hassan recommends shopping the collections on Signature material. What if you’re worried this trend may go out of fashion? Don’t be.

Your investment in a freestanding tub will retain its value, says Giuliano. “It has been a staple in bathroom design for centuries. “

Tribal-chic bathroom tiles

It’s no secret that the tile market is exploding. As we mentioned in last week’s kitchen trends roundup, the days of bland subway tiles are over. But one thing we weren’t prepared for was the unique touch of black and white in this tribal motif, spied on in a @hunkerhome replay of a bathroom design by @sterinwilliamson.

“Tribal tiles are an amazing choice for any bathroom, especially if you’re trying to add pattern, texture and personality to your space,” says Ali-Hassan. “Pair them with a vintage fixture and a sleek vanity for this timeless design.”

Steal the look: If you are ready to spice up your bathroom decor, Ali-Hassan recommends that you browse the collection at Cement tile store– which offers unique handmade tiles at an affordable price.

Mirrors that break the norm

“Can I have a slumber party in your bathroom?” Asked someone who liked this post from @misschrisycharms. We want to know if there is room for another. Its retro-chic design in playful pinks and classic white makes it the perfect bathroom – and the minimalist double set of round mirrors only makes it better.

“Round mirrors bring softness to bathrooms,” says Ali-Hassan. “They also stand out from the traditional square or rectangle, so your eye will immediately go to the vanity area.”

These mirrors are not only captivating with their unique design, they also help brighten up a space and make a small bathroom look bigger.

Steal the look: Round mirrors aren’t hard to find, but we love the sleek design of the mirrors sold by Crate and Barrel’s alter ego, CB2.

Turkish towels everywhere

Turkish towels have been around forever, but having one on every hook in the bathroom is a luxury we haven’t experienced yet. Hand towels, bath towels and even Turkish bath mats can quickly turn any bathroom into a place of relaxation. Which is just one of the reasons we loved this trendy photo of @whitneymichellewilliams.

“Turkish towels are becoming a household staple because they are so versatile – they can be used as bath towels, beach towels and blankets, and have an amazing, soft and fluffy texture,” says Ali-Hassan.

Steal the look: Assemble your stacks of towels, any color, by shopping the collections at Bali market. They’re not just pretty to look at. “An added bonus,” says Ali-Hassan, “do they dry quickly and become more absorbent over time.”


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