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The Best Bar Soaps to Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

Like all trends, bar soaps have undergone a complete revolution in terms of functionality, form and aesthetics in recent years. They are no longer daggy, drying out or something you would find on the edge of the sink at your grandparents house. Now it’s possible to find solid cleansers that look like mini works of art, often with a scent to match! As a bonus, they often tend to be more durable than their liquid counterparts – a premise we can accept.

So whether you’re looking to amp up your cleaning routine or just give your bathroom a chic French hotel vibe, we’ve picked eight of the best – and most beautiful! — bars of soap on the market.

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Universal Pharmacy Buly Scottish Lichen Superfine Soap, $50. BUY NOW

This artfully sculpted bar of soap from Officine Universelle Buly smells of salty sea grass and rain-laden air. It provides a silky lather and a flawless finish – the perfect accompaniment to the summer shower.

Tam Dao Diptyque Soap, $44. BUY NOW

With its intricate design, Dyptique’s Tam Dao is almost too beautiful to use. The woody, milky and velvety scent is also heady enough to perfume your bathroom.

Orris Le Botaniste Handmade Soap Bar, $36. buy now

Made in France from a range of apothecary-inspired ingredients, this antibacterial bar from Orris is perfect for skin prone to congestion, irritation or breakouts. Rich in calendula, comfrey, patchouli and st. St. John’s Wort works to soothe and purify while refreshing the senses.


Like the Rolls Royce of bar soap, the Prestige Le Savon de Dior formula is rich in organic rose extract for a wonderfully scented lather that feels like cashmere on the skin. Use it daily for a gentle and regenerating cleanse.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Bath Soap, $35. BUY NOW

Whether you choose to use it or display it, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Bath Soap is an olfactory treat for the senses. With notes of patchouli, rose and juicy orange, the classic feminine scent is a powder room staple.

ORIENTAL SCENTS Amber soap sheets with marble dish, $118. BUY NOW

These delicately crafted soap sheets offer an extremely luxurious approach to hand washing. Each “leaf” is formulated with shea butter and olive oil for nutrition, while the subtle musky scent is a sensory treat.

Claus Porto Cerina Soap, $43. BUY NOW

Inspired by the lush vegetation along Portugal’s rugged coast, Cerina blends refreshing bergamot with dense pine, salty sea moss and cedar. The soft powder blue hue is sure to complement any bathroom aesthetic.

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