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TikTok is “disturbed” by the bizarre decor of a woman’s bathroom: “Disturbing vibrations”

A woman is go viral for its unconventional bathroom decorating theme.

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Some people go for an aquatic theme and decorate their bathroom with fish. Others might choose nature and fill the wet space with plants. Corn TikToker Myra Madeleine had something completely different in mind when she decided to add a personal touch to her bathroom.

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Then Madeleine showed the rather interesting decor of her bathroom. Old computer keyboards, including dangling wires and cords, lined the bathroom walls. Its mirror frame had black, gray, and white plastic remotes attached to it. It was certainly a look.

The video has racked up 13.5 million views on TIC Tac.

“Imagine that they are there and you start to hear the knock”, someone joked.

“Art disturbs the comfortable”, another noted.

“Incredible disturbing vibes,” one user commented.

In a tracking video, someone asked her why she did this to her bathroom. Madeleine kept her answer short and mysterious.

“You know how ocean-themed some people’s bathrooms are? Mine is not “, she said noted.

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