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Vintage bathroom decor is chicer than ever, and these throwback images prove it

Stylish retro photos prove to be just as valuable in terms of inspirational material for your wardrobe as they are for your interior design. And if you’re one of the many people out there looking for creative ways to spruce up your space, taking a peek into the past might provide you with some totally refreshing and unique ideas. An area that you may not have considered? Vintage Bathroom Decor: Whether you’re looking to shop for some authentic antiques or just want to recreate the vibe of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, throwback pictures can help you light up your next mini home renovation – and the experts agree.

Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of the vintage decoration division President, has noticed that buyers are turning to pieces from the past more than ever. “Design enthusiasts have always had a strong appetite for vintage decor, but since the launch of Chairish in 2013 we’ve certainly seen a dramatic increase in the number of people buying vintage,” she explains. “Our audiences love vintage pieces for their unique appeal, their craftsmanship and because buying vintage is more environmentally friendly. Plus, adding vintage to your space makes it instantly chic! ”

And while looking back on old interior pictures can be a great way to collect ideas, Brockway notes that the last way to play around with vintage decor in the home is to mix up different eras. “While there are certainly periods in design that have come back to the fore, like the Mid-Century or the English Country, we don’t see our buyers gravitate towards one era, but rather our buyers. creatively mix pieces from different stylistic periods. to create spaces that are one of a kind, ”she says. (Terence Conran’s Beloved Design Books are a great source of it and it even has versions specifically for the kitchen and bed / bathroom.)

In fact, interior designers like Sara Barney from BAND DESIGN actually recommends combining vintage pieces with contemporary pieces to give just enough nod to the past – while keeping your space totally fresh. “Mirrors and lighting are my go-to pieces to look for when shopping for antiques / vintage, as their historic character makes a nice statement without overpowering the overall aesthetic of the piece,” she explains. “For bathrooms, in particular, I would stay away from tiles and vintage materials along those lines that don’t need to risk the extra wear and tear.”

And Brockway agrees. To keep your bathroom mostly modern, she suggests using vintage accents as statement pieces (think rugs and art). “It’s a wonderful way to juxtapose those vintage pieces with newer details like bathroom accessories and linens,” said the interior expert.

Now all you need is a little inspiration to start refreshing your own bathroom. Going forward, find bold vintage spaces for decorating ideas – as well as the exact pieces Brockway and Barney are worth stealing.

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Vintage bathroom, circa 1980

Horst P. Horst / Condé Nast Collection / Getty Images

This bathroom from Yves Saint Laurent’s house in Marrakech is bold, exotic, and utterly luxurious – as you would expect from the designer. The unique piece that could help you instantly recreate that ambiance in your own bathroom? A vintage Moroccan pendant light. “This bathroom fixture would look beautiful in a modern space to give it a unique feel and add personality,” said Barney.

Vintage bathroom, circa 1954

Haanel Cassidy / Condé Nast Collection / Getty Images

This pastel powder room from a 1954 issue of Home and Garden manages to be both feminine and modern, and Barney says a vanity stool could add an equally luxurious and interesting touch to your bathroom. A small but powerful detail: Adding vintage seating, whether it’s a slipper chair, vanity stool, or upholstered bench, is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your bathroom, ”adds Brockway.

Vintage bathroom, circa 1985

Frédéric Lewis / Archive Photos / Getty Images

The highlight of this 1985 bathroom? The lush jungle effect of the inclusion of lots of greenery. Copy this look into your bathroom by adding artificial or low-light plants to the shelves (especially those that tend to grow, creating a vine effect). Then you can amplify the vintage factor with your planters, Brockway offers.

Vintage bathroom, circa 1968

Henry Clarke / Condé Nast Collection / Getty Images

Brocade patterned walls give this bathroom a 1968 issue of Vogue the wow factor. “Because of their small size compared to other rooms in a house, a bathroom is a great place to go wild with your walls,” says Brockway. “Make a splash with bright and bold wallpaper with a vintage-inspired pattern or print.”

Vintage bathroom, circa 1985

Frédéric Lewis / Archive Photos / Getty Images

Brockway loves bamboo accents in this’ 80s bathroom interior. “Chippendale, along with rattan, wicker and cane in baskets, seats, and shelves, are all fabulous additions to any home. contemporary powder room or bathroom, ”she says. And faux styles will work especially well in the humid environment of your bathroom.

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